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Unveiling of the Statue of Santa Rosalia at the Sanctuary of Monte Pellegrino


This afternoon, the statue of Santa Rosalia was unveiled in the presence of the Mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla, the President of the City Council Giulio Tantillo, and Monsignor Filippo Sarullo.

Starting tomorrow, the statue, crafted in clay by art historian Filippo Sapienza, will be displayed in the Cathedral, near the Chapel of Santa Rosalia.

“The statue of the fourth centenary will accompany us throughout the Jubilee Year, being showcased on May 26th at Monte Pellegrino and, in a completely innovative way,” explains Mayor Lagalla, “will appear during the procession on the evening of the 14th. It is an august image, with a strong sense of sacredness and mystery. We will see it again on the night of September 3rd, welcoming the faithful for the traditional 'Acchianata,' and throughout the Jubilee Year, it will be displayed at the Cathedral of Palermo. It will be the symbolic image of this four hundredth anniversary.”

“This new image of the Santuzza, depicted as a pilgrim on a journey, will be with her people throughout the year and will conclude the Rosalian Jubilee with her embrace on the evening of July 14, 2025, where we will commemorate the 400 years since the miracle of liberation (1625-2025). It will also be the holy year of the Catholic Church's Jubilee titled 'Pilgrims of Hope,’” declares the Culture Councillor Giampiero Cannella.

Innovation meets tradition: the fourth centenary of Santa Rosalia will soar on these two wings. Marco Balich has envisioned the triumphal chariot as a true actor, a scenic machine that will transform during the story, first depicting the plague, then the arrival of the Saint, and finally hope. The innovation will come from the new role the chariot will play. At a particular moment during the procession, it will encounter the blessing embrace of the Saint, who will appear as if by miracle to welcome the City and once again free it from the plague.