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Unveiling of the Statue of Santa Rosalia at the Sanctuary of Monte Pellegri

Sanctuary of Monte Pellegrino, 26/05/2024

The statue of Santa Rosalia, which will be placed on the Triumphal Chariot parading along the Cassaro on the night of July 14 in celebration of the 400th Festino, will be unveiled and presented to the city of Palermo on Sunday, May 26, 2024, at the Sanctuary of Monte Pellegrino.

The statue, standing 230 centimeters tall, was created in the Sala dello Stemma of Palazzo Villafranca in Piazza Bologni by Filippo Sapienza, a 33-year-old art history graduate specializing in sacred art, who also curated the 399th Festino (he was the creator of the "Carro Luna"). The smaller-scale model of the Santuzza statue was then scanned and reproduced in resin by the company Ruilab.

The sculpture departs from classical iconological standards, despite being inspired by Sicilian Baroque style. The Santa Rosalia of the 400th Festino will not be a triumphant figure: Santa Rosalia will meet her fellow citizens, to help them, to welcome them, to comfort them in every need. In creating the preliminary study for the statue, Filippo Sapienza (also following a suggestion from the Mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla) designed a statue that embraces Palermo.

The chosen date for the statue's unveiling is significant: May 26 marks the anniversary of the beginning of the excavations, directed by Geronima La Gattuta, for the discovery of the bones in the cave of Monte Pellegrino.

From May 27, the statue will be displayed in the Cathedral, near the Chapel of Santa Rosalia, as requested by the parish priest, Monsignor Filippo Sarullo.

The unveiling ceremony will conclude with the celebration of Holy Mass.


On May 26, 2024
  • 18.00 - 19.30


Via Bonanno Pietro, Palermo

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