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Education on sustainable consumption

Palazzo Riso, May 17, 2024 and July 8, 2024

Clothes, accessories, and jewelry are integral parts of our culture. They speak about us, with their styles marking the times of our lives, reminding us of lifestyles, passions, places, and emotions. However, today, the textile industry, despite being one of the most profitable on the planet, is simultaneously one of the most polluting.

The production and maintenance of clothing also consume enormous quantities of water.

Many agendas across various detailed discussions talk about sustainability in the fashion world. But what true understanding do we have of this subject? How much can daily consumption habits really impact? What role do the producers, distributors, and communicators play?

These are some of the questions that guided the decision of Alberto and Gioia Gange, founders of and creators of the project, to involve sector stakeholders already in 2023 in a talk titled "Ethical Sustainability": creating networks for a green future. This key topic for society fits into the path of a cultural rebirth of the city of Palermo, also through the jubilee occasion of the 400th anniversary of Santa Rosalia, which inspired the idea of a #blossomingpalermo.

However, today the project not only moves on the plane of dissemination but also on that of education on consumption.

The first part of “Sustainable Stories,” the name of the format, involves raising awareness among students aged 9-11 through engaging schools to create a critical consciousness about purchasing, with a deep dive into the culture of fashion that starts from the idea that behind the consumer object there is not only a production process but also a phase of creative design where society, culture, and art interact with each other.

On May 17 at 4:30 PM, thanks to a collaboration with the YOLK™️ Foundation, Carlotta Marioni, fashion editor at Grazia, and Elisabetta Barracchia, editor-in-chief at Flo, will meet students from Karol Wojtyla school at the Regional Museum of Contemporary Art Riso to discuss sustainable fashion.

The second phase of the project, which will be held on July 8 at the same museum venue at 5:30 PM, will feature a meeting with international stakeholders, and a detailed program of the talks will soon be announced.

Organizers: ZoeMagazine


On May 17, 2024
  • 16.30 - 18.00


Via Vittorio Emanuele, 365, Palermo

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