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Homage To Santa Rosalia. Biological and Cultural Diversity at Monte Pellegrino, La Favorita

Main Hall, SAAF Department, 31/05/2024

A conference on the topic of regenerating the green and equipped area of Parco della Favorita, inspired by G.E. Hutchinson's publication, which links biodiversity in Parco della Favorita to Santa Rosalia. Prominent experts and professors from across the nation will discuss the topic. The event will be held in the presence of institutions at the University of Palermo, in the Main Hall of the SAAF Department.


Study and Work Group for the Regeneration of the Green and Equipped Area of Parco Favorita


Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie, Alimentari e Forestali - Viale delle Scienze, 4, Palermo

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