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Path of the chariot 2024

A spectacular procession to inspire all spectators, 14/07/2024

The Festino di Santa Rosalia 2024 presents great innovations.

For the first time in the history of the Festino, the triumphal float will undergo 4 transformations.
The monumental float takes the form of the Saint, where Rosalia is the vessel and shines golden and bright like a ray of sunshine. The float transforms from stage to stage through a play of light, following the theme of the Procession and revealing itself to the public, of which it becomes the face and reflection. The main elements of the float are: gold, reminiscent of Baroque opulence; the Lily, which becomes the traditional boat from which the Virgin Hermit emerges, merging with the pistil—a tribute to her name (Rosa-lia, lilium, lily) and her purity. Finally, the Rose, in the name of Rosa-lia, the Saint holds a luminous rose, symbolizing the light of hope.

The innovative formula of the procession includes the addition of a second float that follows the triumphal one. This supplementary float elevates the artistic performances, allowing for greater visibility of the show.

The procession, consisting of five stages, will accompany the Santuzza from the Palazzo dei Normanni to Porta Felice-Foro Italico, offering spectators the opportunity to follow the entire artistic performance from any point along the route, making the Festino an accessible and engaging experience for everyone.

This year's theme is "Hope" and Mayor Lagalla himself highlighted the importance of hope and beauty for the city's rebirth.

This special edition is organized by Balich Wonder Studio, directed by Marco Balich and co-produced with Odd Agency, with director Carlos Navarrete Patino.

The Festino di Santa Rosalia 2024 presents great innovations.

Act 1: Palazzo dei Normanni
In the darkness, hope is born

​​​​The first act opens with the city of Palermo shrouded in a veil of darkness and silence. A place abandoned by hope. Dark figures wander the space, in the form of dancers, performers, and various creatures.


  • Maurizio Bologna
  • Choir of Teatro Massimo
  • Studio Danza 2
  • Sicilian Batèria
  • Piero Tutone
  • Alessia Quattrocchi
  • Circ’opificio


  • The Plague
  • The Plague Doctors
  • The Fire Jugglers
  • The Afflicted
  • The Mourners

Act 2: Cathedral of Palermo
Hope reveals itself

The atmosphere changes, and from dismay arises a sense of anticipation and wonder. The performers break free from the darkness to reveal a white and gold cocoon. The awakening of hope becomes a miraculous song that accompanies the unveiling of the Float. Groups from Sicilian folklore, coming from various Sicilian traditions and the metropolitan area, emerge from the Cathedral and populate the procession.


  • International Star
  • The Young Girl Margherita Agate
  • Children's Choir of Teatro Massimo
  • Choir of Teatro Massimo
  • Folklore Groups
  • Studio Danza 2
  • Circ’opificio


  • The Resilient


Act 3: Quattro Canti
Hope blooms

At the corners of Quattro Canti, the four co-patron Saints, Saint Christina, Saint Nympha, Saint Olivia, and Saint Agatha, represent the spectacular embodiment of a female tradition that still illuminates the deepest soul of Palermo. It is a moment of cathartic grace that embraces all Quattro Canti and the entire population, triggering the transformation of the triumphal Float. The four Saints are portrayed by: Chiara Bologna, Kiki Signa, Francesca Pollari, and Eleonora Massaro.


  • Alessandra Ponente
  • Riccardo Piparo
  • Giovanni Parrinello
  • Studio Danza 2


  • The Roses
  • The Rose


Act 4: Porta Felice
We are the hope

The entire Procession participates in the final climax. Porta Felice, transformed into an explosion of light and joy, welcomes the city with a great surprise. The light celebrates the resilience and vital strength of each of us, multiplied by the symbolic embrace of the Saint.


  • Salvo Piparo
  • Sicilian Batèria

Act 5: Porta Felice
The beacon of hope

Santa Rosalia looks to the future!

Her light is reflected in all of us, exploding into a spectacle of color and luminous joy, which will not be forgotten.
A new journey where tradition and renewal mix and shine in a shared message of hope.
The Festino di Santa Rosalia in Palermo deserves an unprecedented fireworks display for its 400th anniversary, lasting 1 hour this year.
It must enchant, inspire, and strengthen hope for the future of the city and Sicily.


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