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Santa e Rosalia: l’arte del laboratorio

Castello di Carini, 27/06/2024

he Franco Scaldati Company, as part of the Periferie 2024 project, is conducting a workshop from June 1 to 26, 2024, on Santa e Rosalia, one of Franco Scaldati's most important texts. This work is the result of numerous workshops held by the Palermo playwright, involving local residents and nearby university retirees from San Saverio and Santi Romano.

The text takes shape through fragments, gradually enriched with new ideas and acting presences. This gentle journey into Palermo's religious sentiment recovers the immense heritage of sounds, images, and symbols in the neighborhood's culture, becoming a true homage by Scaldati to the city.

At the Castello di Carini, there will be a public presentation of the results of the theatrical workshop in the suburbs.

Organizer: Compagnia di Franco Scaldati


On June 27, 2024
  • 21:00 - 22:30


Admission free


Castello di Carini, Carini

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