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Rosalia in viaggio

Various locations, 21-28/06/2024

The project begins with the activation of two workshops:

  • A scene and puppet creation workshop open to all citizens.
  • An acting workshop aimed at deepening techniques in puppet handling and storytelling.

The project continues with the staging of two different performances that will be taken to the streets and squares of Palermo's outskirts and the metropolitan city:

Rosalia, una storia di babbaluci e forst
by Andrea Saitta
A theatrical show for actors and puppets that tells the story of the Saint. In a square, a babbaluci vendor and a beer drinker are busy narrating the story of Palermo's patron saint to a tourist.

U fistinu in valigia
by Andrea Saitta
A traveling performance for a single spectator and two micro-theater actors with cardboard puppets. Two old cameras are placed around the city, allowing viewers to admire the ritual of the carriage passing through the Quattro Canti.

Both workshops and performances will be presented in the municipalities of Monreale and Altofonte, which are part of the Itinerarium Rosaliae. Additionally, the shows will be presented in the municipality of Palermo, specifically in Mondello (promenade and Mondello square) to further intrigue tourists and visitors about the Festino event in Palermo and in the municipality of Santa Flavia.


  • June 21: Mondello
  • June 22: Monreale
  • June 23: Altofonte
  • June 28: Santa Flavia

Organizer: Allunaggio


From Jun 21, 2024 to Jun 28, 2024


Admission free


Mondello, Monreale, Altofonte, Santa Flavia

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