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Ecological Climb 2024

Monte Pellegrino, 16/06/2024

The Ecological Climb is an event organized by Confcommercio Palermo on the old road to the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia to promote environmental sustainability. This non-competitive event will take place on June 16 and is the first in a series of events organized by Confcommercio in honor of Santa Rosalia, part of the celebrations for the 400th anniversary of the Festino.

"A highly symbolic event," explains Patrizia Di Dio, president of Confcommercio Palermo, "which conveys an ethical message from our business community to uphold essential principles such as environmental sustainability and respect for our daily surroundings."

It will be a dynamic collection event that will "climb" Monte Pellegrino from its base to the Sanctuary, a symbolic place in Palermo with significant natural, cultural, and spiritual heritage.

The gathering is scheduled for 9:00 AM at the base of Monte Pellegrino.

There are two routes:

One of 3.7 km starting from the base of the mountain.
The other of 1.4 km starting from "Mezzo Arancio," accessible via a shuttle bus.
Participants will walk the "old steps" and arrive at the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, where they will receive a blessing from the sanctuary regent, Don Natale Fiorentino, at noon.

Participants will receive a t-shirt and a personalized water bottle and are encouraged to bring gloves (preferably gardening gloves) to collect waste along the route, which will then be disposed of by Rap.

Organizer: Confcommercio Palermo


On June 16, 2024


Monte Pellegrino, Palermo

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