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Palermo blooms with you

This year, Palermo celebrates a journey that began in 1624 and now marks 400 years of history and traditions.
It is the 400th anniversary of the discovery of the miraculous body of Saint Rosalia, the patron saint of the city of Palermo.
A symbol of rebirth and hope. La Santuzza is celebrated with a rich calendar of events that will continue until 2025, enlivening the provincial territory of the Sicilian capital.

The 400th Festino of Saint Rosalia opens up a new vision for the city of Palermo: it tells of the beauty connected to the regenerating power of nature.
The 19th-century gardens, the botanical garden, and the Favorita Park as seen from the Sanctuary of Monte Pellegrino are all highlighted in the narrative of a new "blooming" of the city, starting from its miraculous Saint. Sanctity, expressed in the story of a Rose formed through the composition of its petals, is a vision, a fragrance, an "instant spiritual revelation" that, as the story unfolds, becomes a plurality of voices, visions, and stories that create a collective soul in which we are the hope.

The Palermo depicted is the projection of a journey that transitions from a dream to a collective rebirth.
And it does so, just as in a blooming, through the care expressed by every citizen, by every man or woman who inhabits or visits the city.
Just as a rose needs time, water, light, and dedication to bloom again, Palermo too needs care and attention, under the guidance of Saint Rosalia.
Palermo blooms with you is thus a story of hope and a new beginning, an invitation to active civic participation and the sharing of an unprecedented journey within this 400th Rosalian anniversary.