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The menu described by Giuseppe Pitrè

There is nobody from Palermo who does not know the traditional food of the Festino

There is nobody from Palermo who hasn't at least once had a bite of "country ice cream", sucked on babbaluci, argued over a coppu di scaccio, or refreshed themselves with grattatella.
But it is also true that the food is "for walking around": the people of Palermo eat while praying, eat while walking, eat while laughing, eat while watching fireworks.

Giuseppe Pitrè is the first to talk about the menu of the Festino: "caponatina", and the people of Palermo are split equally between those who prefer eggplant and those who love artichokes, then olives, capers, passolina raisins and pine nuts -. “Babbaluci” (boiled snails) a picchi pacchiu (with tomato and garlic), which require real mastery of technique to avoid breaking the shell, which will then, of course, be cast away on the street.
Then there are "vugghiuta" (boiled tuna, or little tunny, seasoned with oil, vinegar and mint) and "caciotti" (focaccia with lard and cheese), and "muluni" (watermelon).

Some things have changed today, but the essentials are still there: babbaluci and muluni, as well as "favi a cunigghiu" (boiled beans fried with oil, garlic and oregano), the famous "pollanca", corn on the cob boiled in traditional aluminium cauldrons, and "purpu vugghiuto", octopus boiled on the spot and served cut in chunks with oil, parsley and plenty of lemon.

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