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Divae Rosaliae: Santa Rosalia and the Genius of Palermo documentary exhibition

Leonardo Sciascia Municipal Library from 20 April to 12 May 2024

The “Leonardo Sciascia” municipal library, as part of the collateral initiatives at the 400th Festino of Santa Rosalia, will curate the documentary exhibition “Divae Rosaliae”.

Divae Rosaliae  will be set up from April to September and will develop following the themes:

  • Santa Rosalia and the Genius of Palermo;
  • The Feast of Santa Rosalia in Villabianca's diaries;
  • Ephemeral devices and decorative arts;

  • Musical librettos and manuscripts;

  • Typographic brands;

  • Iconographic path from Acta S. Rosaliae.

Divae Rosaliae kicks off on April 20th with the documentary exhibition “Santa Rosalia and the Genius of Palermo”, which will last until May 12th.
This is an exhibition that correlates the Patron Saint with the secular Protector of the city. Santa Rosalia and the Genius of Palermo continue to inspire the faith and devotion of the people of Palermo.

The Genius of Palermo serves as the city's protective deity, complementing the figure of Santa Rosalia. Depicted as a mature man with a bifurcated beard and crowned head, he is often portrayed embracing a serpent that feeds from his chest. Symbolizing the soul and essence of Palermo, this representation embodies the city's historical and cultural amalgamation, reflecting its rich diversity and storied past

The selection of texts begins with the initial description of the "Motto" in 1558, followed by the narrative of Agostino Inveges, one of Sicily's most eminent historians. It then delves into the iconography portrayed in engravings, showcasing symbolic representations of the Genius and Santa Rosalia. Lastly, it explores Francesco Valenti's dedication to preserving the fountain, a quintessential symbol of the Genius."

From Apr 20, 2024 to May 12, 2024


Piazzetta Lucrezia Brunaccini, 2, Palermo

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